Angela Wakefield released 3 new paintings last week, and on the day of their release all three were snapped up! Again, to all the collectors who made enquiries over the last week, may I sincerely apologise. Work of this quality does not stay in the gallery long, it has to be said!

Angela was particularly proud of the way in which these new paintings came together for her; she was confident that the direction in which she was taking her work was both an evolution and a diversification of what she has already achieved with the New York Series thus far.

The Hopper-esque ‘American Burger Bar’ (New York Series No.27 shown above) was particularly strong, illustrating Angela’s increasing ability to apply her unique painting technique to capturing the full range of subjects we find in our urban environment. Cars, people, light, trees, buildings and illuminated signage are brought to life by her impressionistic painterly style.

New York Series No.28 is a colourful snapshot of contemporary New York life with the Empire State Building in the distance, with No.29 in the series seeing Angela capture the red glow of a Manhattan sunset so effortlessly. (see below)


There is, as art critic Ian Welland describes it, an instinctive quality to her work; Ian wrote in the Art of England that “Angela Wakefield is the most instinctive artist of our age”. This is very high praise indeed, and hopefully shows how the discerning eyes of collectors across the UK, Europe & USA are now seeing her work.

Being described in such complimentary terms by industry professionals in international publications, and with inclusion in a forthcoming Hollywood movie, Angela Wakefield‘s paintings could become as iconic and significant as the imagery they are depicting.